As a Professional Houston Home Inspector, my library of books dealing with homes gets larger all the time. I enjoy reading books and learning new ways of doing things. Granted, some books are not what they are marketed to be while others are hidden gems. The books below are books I have actually read or have been recommended to me by people I respect. (and I haven't gotten around to ordering them yet) I've provided a review of each book. You can click on the book logo or links to be taken to Amazon.com where you can purchase the book or read other reviews by readers. I hope you enjoy these books. If you have read a good book, please feel free to drop me a line and recommend it. Don't forget to scroll down to the bottom and see new books as they are added. Bookmark this page so you don't miss any new books!
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Graphic Guide to Frame Construction
Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or just want to know more about the construction process, this book is full of graphics and instructions. It makes it easy to understand how your home should be put together.
Building Construction Illustrated
This book has been around something like 25 years. It is along the same lines as the Frame Construction book above but offers a few different angles. Both of these books are priceless if you want to understand about basic frame construction. Easy to understand with some great illustrations.
Build It Right! What to Look for in Your New Home
I highly recommend this book to anyone who is thinking of building or remodeling their home. It's full of practical ideas and suggestions that you overlook until your home is built. Get the changes done before you build! It also shows you several pitfalls to watch out for when building your new home. A great book to have on hand before construction starts on your new home.
Real Estate Home Inspection
This book is written by Russ Burgess, one of the first licensed home inspectors in the state of Texas. This book is not only a must if your considering a career in the home inspection industry but also if you just want a more in-depth understanding of the systems and components of your home.
Means Illustrated Construction Dictionary
Ever wonder what a mullion is? How about jack studs, soffits, mutton, OSB or a Darby? This book will tell you all of this plus a lot more. This is a huge book and it comes with a CD also. This book is priceless if your in the construction or home inspection industry. (it would even help some builders and superintendents I've met!)
Residential & Light Commercial Construction Standards
I refer to this book quite a bit when looking for standards on new homes. It will reference many of today's standards including ASTM. Ever see a builder try and argue with an ASTM standard? Well, I have...and they loose every time! A great book but a bit complex and heavy into the technical side of construction. Definately not light reading for the casual reader.
International Residential Code Book
A must have in today's home inspection and construction field. Texas has adopted the IRC and this is the code new homes and pre-existing homes should be judged by. If your inspector quotes CABO, SBBCI or any other code, he's giving your old information and you need to find another one who is up to date with the codes. Even most city inspectors are not IRC certified!
National Electric Code Book 2002
Another must have. The electrical part of the IRC is the only section that was not adopted by Texas. A great reference when the site supervisor says "My electrician has never heard of that code"
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Code Check
This spiral bound flip chart type book makes it easy to quickly find and reference the most popular code items. Illustrations help you understand what your looking for plus some explanations tell you why the code is important. It references the IRC, UBC and the NEC. I use it in the field often. I also have the complete set which makes my life a lot easier! Great item if you do not want to buy the code book but want to know some of the basic codes.
How To Operate Your Home
This book will give you a great understanding of the components and systems in your home. Easy to understand with many illustrations. Beware Texans, this book does have quite a bit of stuff about basements and ice dams, stuff most people who have lived in South Texas have never seen or heard. Just ignore those parts, it's for the Yankee's =)
Just Fix-It
Another book by Tom Feiza. A great resource for answering questions on how to fix and maintain some of the basic comonents and systems of your home. Both of these books are great for first time home buyers as well as people who are not "handy". Just as with the book above, there are items that relate to homes up North that have oil furnaces, problems with ice daming and basements.
A Practical Guide to Inspecting Heating and Cooling Systems
This is one in a series of books that Roy Newcomer has written. Although they are geared toward the homeinspector, handy homeowners will find them helpful as well. Defines systems and what to look for when poking around the heating and coolig systems of a home.
A Practical Guide to Inspecting Plumbing
The plumbing book in this series of books by Roy Newcomer. Roys books will get you on your way to understanding your plumbing questions and tell you how the plumbing system in your home works.
A Practical Guide to Inspecting Electrical
Although there are many other selections to Roy Newcomers books, these are the only three I own at the time. This book will give you a good understanding of what to look for in your the inspection of residential wiring. This book takes you above the 'standards'.
Builing Your New Home
Your New House

A very informative book on New Homes. Not as thorough as others, however it does have some useful information in it that the others don't cover. Worth every bit of the 8 or 10 bucks asking price!
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Okay, this is a good general purpose book on New Home Construction, however, you have to realize who it comes from, the National Association of Home Builders, so there is some "biased" or "Builder Friendly" ideas here.  In short, it's a very information packed book that will serve you well if you're about to start building a home.
Better Houses, Better Living

If you only buy one book before
you build or remodel, make sure
it's this one! Especially if you
have little or no experience
dealing with builders or
trades people.
Home and Condo Defects

A Consumers Guide To Faulty Construction
Thomas Miller is known as one of the best Home defect attorney's in the West. If you want to avoid, or are involved in, legal matters with your builder, check this book out.
HomeBuilding Pitfalls

Another excellent book on what to watch out for when building a New Home!
This book is a compulation of information from Attorneys, Builders, and Architects. Written by Jim Banks, a former Builder turned Attorney.
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