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Water Heaters                                                                                    
Does your hot water smell like rotten eggs?
Click here for water heater help.

Bradford White Water Heaters

State Industries Water Heaters

GE Water Heaters

More Water Heater Safety Tips

1 More Safety Site


Appliance Repair, Care and Installation Tips

Consumers Appliance Buying Guide

Short List of Common Recalled Appliances!

A Larger List of More Appliances

Building Materials

Class Action Lawsuits Information

Siding Claims Services

BadSiding.com - Information about recalls and Class Action Lawsuits on hardboard siding.

SidingClaims.com - Another site like the above site

MasoniteClaims.com - A similar site as the ones above concerning Masonite(r) siding.

EIFSfacts.org - Consumer Advocate site about EIFS siding

GAHI.com - More information about EIFS siding and problems with it.
Swimming Pools

PoolManual.com An interactive guide that will help you learn how to operate your pool.

Click here for Pool Safety Tips for Children

Click here for Pool and Safety Publications from Uncle Sam

Click here for more safety tips from the CDC

Heating & Cooling

Commonly reported HVAC problems

All About Heat Pumps

HVAC Web - Information and Troubleshooting

HeatingHelp.com - Help for home heating systems.

Building Codes
Texas has adopted the ICC codes as the statewide building codes.

Texas Adopts ICC Codes (Press Release)

Texas Building Code


Plumbing911.com - Polybutylene plumbing information

Information about the class action settlement of polybutylen plumbing.

More information from the University of Arizona about PB piping.

Toiletology 101 - Just about everything you wanted to know about the porcelain throne including repairs.
Federal Pacific Panel Boxes
Do you have a FPE breaker box?

General information on FPE panels and answers to safety questions.

More information from the CPSC and other links to FPE breaker box failures.

Aluminum Wiring

Questions about Aluminum Wiring? Click here for answers!

Carbon Monoxide in Your Home

CO Headquarters - Answers to your CO questions.

Effects on Humans - A brief explanation

Fireplaces & Chimney's

Chimneys.com - A must see site to answer questions about Chimney safety and care.

Proper Installation and Operation of a Wood Stove.

WoodHeat.org - All about wood heating.

F-I-R-E-Servic.com - Certified Chimney and fire investigation services. Links to company's that can provide you with NFPA, Level II Inspections

Chimney Safety Institute of America - You can locate a certified chimney sweep in your area at this website.
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Below is some recalls that we are aware of. Check with the Consumer Product Safety Commission for more recalls.

In Sink Erator - Steamin Hot Water
Click here for the link to the CPSC recall page.
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Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Recalls and Product Safety Guidelines

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