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Shopping For A Home Inspector?

or (Things You Really Need To Know Before Hiring A Home Inspector)
Top 10 Things That Say You Probably Got Taken By Your Last Home Inspector:

10. Your inspector spent more time on the phone, computer and talking to the real estate agents than he did inspecting the home!

9. Your report was pretty thin and vague, but "I got a CD, a book and some coupons for other services" (Some inspection companies will give you a lot of "Fluff and Stuff" to hide the fact that their reports lack substance and the detail you paid for.)

8. Your inspector tries to scare you into buying full range of "Environmental Tests" besides your normal home inspection.

7. Your inspector does not believe in being a member of "all them dang associations." (Legitimate associations such as TAREI and ASHI provide our industry with advanced education opportunities unlike the same old courses offered by the community college year after year.)

6. You see the inspector slip the referring agent a check for your referral! (How can your inspector remain impartial and unbiased when his company gives money or other gifts away to the agent for referring you?)

5. Your inspector seems more interested in not upsetting your agent than he/she does of explaining the condition of the home to you.

4. Your report was an on-the-spot checklist type report. The more in depth detailed reports are always narrative type reports.

3. Your inspector finished the inspection of a 2000 square foot home in less than 2 hours. (Here in Houston, we even have some home inspection companies brag that their inspections take less than two hours to complete!)

2. Your inspector said that he would 'tell' you about a lot of items that were wrong with your home but that he just didn't put all that minor stuff on the report. (Note: If your inspector does not put something on the report, it doesn't exist and you can not re-negotiate for something that does not exist! This is a common tactic used by some inspectors so they will not 'upset' the agents.)

1. You were handed a handwritten report! (A true sign of an inexperienced or unprofessional inspector is a hand written report. You can not get enough useful information on the 5 page report promulgated by the Texas Real Estate Commission.)
How to Choose a home inspector in Houston

I know what your saying. "Donald, everything on this list will be in your company's favor, telling me I should hire you over other inspectors."

I genuinely think that the educated consumer is smarter than that. I've tried to make this website educational and informative. You won't get none of that sugar coated feels good, self-serving stuff here. You can click back to the search engine or rely on the list of inspectors that your agent gave you if you want that. We're going to shoot straight with you!

What type of associations does the inspector belong to? We belong to many including Texas Association of Real Estate Inspectors and ASHI. The advanced educational opportunities provided by these organizations cannot be stressed enough in the changing housing market. ASHI members are required to have more continuing education hours that the minimum required by the state. To date, I have over 60 hours of continuing education to help me stay abreast of the changing industry.

The details are in the report. We invite you to take a look at our sample reports and compare them to the competitions. We provide our clients with a custom written, detailed narrative report on the home your buying. Checklist reports are vague, full of boiler plate statements (many of which do not even apply to your home) and serve no one but the inspector. Beware of the inspector who says "I'll tell you everything so I don't have to write it down" You are paying for a detailed and thorough report!  This is a common tactic of unprofessional inspectors.

If you really want to cut through the B.S., ask the company for a sample report on a actual home. We provide anyone who ask a sample for a new or pre-existing home. These are actual inspection reports with the name and address's removed for privacy of my client. Just email us a request and we'll send you one or both samples in a pdf document. My email is: donald [at] best2inspect.com

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