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We are your source for complete, thorough, detailed and impartial home inspections in the Kingwood Texas area.

What sets us apart from other inspectors and inspection companies serving Kingwood?

Our dedication to our clients:While other inspectors and inspection companies may pour flyers, gifts, meals, and is some cases even cash, to some of the real estate professionals in the Kingwood area for their referrals, we chose to take a different business path.

We are truely independent:We chose to remove the conflict of interest that this type of behavior creates.  We are professionals and much of our business comes from past referals from satisfied clients. Our clients know they will not get a watered down 'soft' inspection from us just to make sure the transaction will go through. They know they can expect an inspection and report that details the true condition of the home, good or bad. We provide our clients with real negotiating power through our detailed reports and inspections.

The proof is in the reporting:Click on over to our index page where you can download and read a sample report. We also have a competitors page that you can download and compare.

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