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"What's in Your Attic?"
Lake Livingston's Premier Home Inspection Company

What set's us apart from other inspection companies on Lake Livingston?

We are independent and committed to our Clients 100%. We are not affiliated with any Real Estate Broker or Agent plus we do not solicit referrals from them.  You'll never have to wonder about the loyalty of your agents 'in house' inspector or one of the inspectors off of the 'preferred' list. You won't find our name on these list. (if you do, call our office and we'll make sure it gets taken off!) You won't have to wonder if you're receiving a 'soft' inspection just so the sale will go through.  Our commitment to our clients, knowledge of home construction plus the latest in inspection techniques and equipment assures our Clients that they receive the very best inspection they can get. 

Just because it's a Lake home, doesn't mean it should be in any less of quality than a home built in the city. Until Jan. 1, 2001, builders outside the city did not have to worry about code enforcement. Now homes in all municipalities are required to be built to the 2000 IRC codes. Sadly, still today, builders believe they do not have to follow any set of codes when building a home.  Who will check on them? Whether it's on the lake or in town, no one wants to own a money pit.

Detailed, thorough reports give you real negotiating power.  The quality of the report represents the knowledge and professionalism of the inspector. We provide you with a very thorough and detailed inspection report.  You will never get one of those 5 page handwritten reports from us. You will also never get one of the vague and hard to understand on the spot reports. Our reports are emailed via PDF documents or faxed the next day. Sure, we could do them on the spot, but then the report quality would suffer. That is not what we are about! We hear complaints from our client who have used other inspectors in the past. Things such as "Most of the items they told us about never showed up on the report", "It took a week for him to get our report to us", "All the items that he told us about were 'grandfathered' according to him." How can you re-negotiate for something that does not show up on your report?

Our inspection services are not for everyone. We understand that our services are not for everyone.  We can;t help the consumer who wants the cheapest inspector they can find or the homebuyer who doesn't want to wait 24 hours for our detailed reports. By the time we perform the inspection, go back to the office and type up your report and caption and crop any photos we've used, it is not uncommon to have over 8 hours invested in your report. This level of detail and professionalism is another example of how we set ourself apart from the crowd. Cheap home inspectors often know less, do less and inspect less, that is the reason they charge less. If your serious about wanting a professional and complete property evaluation, call our office. If on the other hand you want the cheapest inspector in the Lake Livingston area, call one of the names on the list your real estate agent gave you.

We work with serious homebuyers and investors who want to know the true condition of the home they are buying, good or bad.

Compare our qualifications to the others:

* IRC Code Certified Residential Building Inspector (Texas
                                Building Code)
* Licensed Professional Real Estate Inspector
* Member: Texas Association of Real Estate Inspectors

We are not a "all in one" service company. We do one thing better, we inspect homes!  Have you ever had one of those 20 in 1 items that are usually sold on late night TV? While they do a lot of things, have you ever noticed they never do any one thing really well?  We do one thing really well. We inspect homes! If you need a WDI report or septic inspection, we can help you find information on those companies in the Lake Livingston area.

Visit our Index page for more information about V.I.P. Home Inspections, compare competitors reports to ours and find out which professional organizations we belong to.  Click here to go to our Index page now.

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lake livingston
lake livingston real estate
I thought about putting a bunch of pictures here of really nice homes like every one else. You know, the type of homes that don't exist in this area. Instead, I thought I'd show you pictures of some real Lake Livingston homes I've inspected.
lake livingston real estate
lake livinsgton homes
lake livingston real estate
lake livingston
This crack ran across the driveway, through the grade beam and up the brick wall to the roof. The agent swore up and down it was only a "settling crack"!
lake livingston lake home