houston new home constructionhouston new home construction
houston new home constructionhouston new home constructionhouston new home construction
houston new home constructionhouston new home construction
You've asked for it, now here it is.  I'll try and post pictues of a different new home that I've inspected every week. Many of you have asked "what type of things do you find wrong in New Home Construction or 1 year warranties?"  Well, see for yourself! Check back often as I'll try and keep this page updated. All homes that will be featured here are New homes or ones I'm doing a 1 year warranty inspection on.

This week we have a home that is not quite 1 year old from Bellaire TX.

Okay, if you spend any amount of time around builders, they will tell you how strict the local city code inspectors are. It doesn't matter if you live in Houston, Katy, Baytown, Bellaire or League City. The builders love to tell prospective buyers "Oh, the city code inspectors make it very hard on us" followed by "Hey, we hire third party inspectors to look over your home also." or "You have nothing to worry about, you have a 1 year warranty!"

Here is a home that is almost a year old. The did hire their own inspector before moving in. He was cheaper than we were so they thought all inspectors were the same and they'd save a few dollars. My Client actually said "I thought after all, I still had a 1 year warranty if he missed anything." He missed something alright. So did the City of Houston inspector and the Builders "Third Party" Inspectors!

Take a look. Would you want to put up with this mess after you moved in?
New home pictures of the week!

For beginners, the builder failed to install a lintel to hold up all those bricks above the window (see red arrows) The City, the Builders Inspector and the Buyers cut rate inspector all missed this.
There was so mutch water coming in above the window that this structural beam was rotting. I was able to pull this beam apart like it was cotton candy.
The builder said there would be no reason to take out the sheetrock around the windows. My moisture meter showed almost total saturation of the sheetrock and the framing around the window!
Not only did the beam start rotting, so did other structural members such as the I-Joist and the 2nd story floor decking.
What happened here is what happens to a lot of other homes. The builder cut corners and no one caught it and held them accountable for it. This was a box out window in the Breakfast/Kitchen area that did not have a lintel above it holding up the tons of bricks plus the builder failed to flash the trim propely.

We found three other windows in this home that had high moisture levels around them. The builders response was that he'd send someone out to recaulk the windows in a day or two!!! RECAULK - THEY NEED REMOVED AND INSTALLED PROPERLY!!!
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