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Letters from our Clients
Unsolicited testimonials from our happy Clients!
To Whom It May Concern

In November of 2001, I hired Donald Lawson of V.I.P. Home Inspections to inspect my New home. I was very pleased with his service as he took his time to make sure he gave me an accurate and thorough inspection of my new home and that I understood all the systems and componets that came with it. He answered all my questions and his report was easy to read and very detailed.
I would highly recommend his services to anyone! He made my New Home buying experience a delight and offered the peace of mind needed when making such an important decision.


Stephanie Lynch
Spring Texas
To: Donald Lawson, V.I.P. Home Inspections

From: Tonja Workman

Subject: Home Inspection

Donald, I just wanted to say thank you again fo rthe excellent job you did on my home inspection. It is such a relief to know someone who is trained to evaluate the condition of a home can give an unbiased report. When buying a home, it's hard for the buyer to know everything to check and the Realtors just want to sell a house. Hiring a good inspector is the only way to go! Since I was there while you were inspecting, I was able to ask questions and the report I received later was excllent information.

I know home inspections are usually done only when buying a home (new or used), but I could see how even having one done on a home you have lived in for 5 years or so would be useful. It could help you to catch problems early and save you money in the long run since the cost is actually minimal.

Again, thank you for all your information, follow-up and the timely manner that this was all done. I will definitely refer you and feel free to use me as a reference.


Tonja Workman
Houston Texas

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Hi Donald

Just wanted to drop you a letter telling you how much I appreciated your thorough inspection and attention to detail you showed my home.  Being a single mother and buying my first home for my family made this situation one filled with anxiety to say the least!  Thank you for taking the time to explain to me what you were finding and showing me how to operate diffferent appliances and the maintenance tips you gave me. You made this whole process a little easier!
I also appreciate you pointing out those problems that may have caused me trouble down the road had you not found them and reported on each of them. I'm happy to tell you that the seller had those areas fixed and now I can rest easier knowing there's no suprises waiting on me!

Thanks again and you can bet that if I run across someone needing a home inspection I'm going to tell them about your company. Feel free to use me as a reference should you ever need one!

Best Wishes

Virginia Prescott
Pasadena Texas
Thank you for all your hard work Donald. I will be happy to be a future reference for you, and will recommend you to anyone needing a home inspected!

Christian Smith
Houston, Texas
To: Donald

From: Bonnie

Donald, I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for such a wonderful job you did inspecting my home. It made me feel at ease seeing you take your time and thoroughly going over my entire home. I really don't think I would have received such a thorough inspection from one of the Inspectors my Real Estate Agent tried to get me to use!

I can't tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to explain the systems in this home and how to operate and take care of them.

Rest assured, whenever I hear of someone needing a home inspector, your name will be highly referred as a professional that can be trusted to provide an accurate and honest home inspection! Feel free to use me as a reference any time you need one.

Bonnie Mau
Kingwood, Texas
Hello Again Donald

I just wanted to thank you again for all the hard work you put into inspecting our new home. I have to admit, I only hired you because my wife thought it was a good idea to have our new home inspected and I just went along with her to keep peace in the family. I thought "Why have this new home inspected, the builder said they had it inspected and after all, it is a new home"

I have to tell you, when you started going all the stuff that was wrong on our home, I almost fainted!

I just couldn't believe they had failed to do so many things right or missed them altogether.

Just an update, we did postpone closing until all the problems were corrected and our home was fixed to our satisfaction. Thank you so much for being there for us, answering our questions and coming back out for a re-inspection.

I will NEVER again buy a new home or recommend anyone else buy a new home without first having your company inspect it! You saved us a ton of money and future headaches, that I know.

Your New Friends

Greg and Delores Williamson
Katy, Texas
Hello Donald

I would like to give you a testimonial for the great job you did inspecting my home. How do I go about doing that? The people at -- Homes said your report was the most thorough and detailed report they had seen in a long time. I had no trouble with them fixing the items you had noted on the report due to your thouroughness. I will highly recommend your services to my friends and family in the future.

Terrence Greene
Katy Texas
Hi Pam,

We got the report and we thank you for your quick response.I know Jo at Sxxxx Homes was quite anxious to view it.
It was a pleasure to work the Mark, such a nice guy. Tell him that Mike Dxxxxx has said that they will be replacing the 2 oval windows with normal ones. I don't think they will be offering oval windows again!


Marylynn W.
Houston Texas

Thank you so much for the report. It was very helpful. I was glad that Mark spent the time with me going over all the pending items. I was also glad to have the report in hand for the meeting today with Rxxxxx Homes. It went well, Mike with Rxxxxx Homes had it in his hand and we went over it item by item. It took us about an hour and half to go over all the items then he created a work list for his people off of those items on the report.

Thanks again Pam & Mark,

Kathyrine Castillo
Spring Texas
I received the inspection report. Thank you, I am very impressed with your service. I can see why my brother recommended V.I.P. Home Inspections to me!

Judi Strapp
Conroe Texas
I just wanted to give you our sincere THANKS!! The inspection of our home went very smoothly and we learned a lot from Mark! Thanks for answering all our questions as first time homebuyers and putting our minds at ease.

Thanks again and see you at our one year inspection!

Adriana and Raul Castillo
Houston Texas
Thank you for your quick response. I will recommend your company to anyone who needs an inspection!

Again, thanks for your help and I look forward to using your website for varioius merchants/trades I need to make my home better.

Gry Strand Taraldsen
Houston Texas

Thank you so much. Please tell Mark and Donald "THANK YOU"! Robert has been going out to the house very frequently checking on the repairs. However, with his limited knowledge on house construction, he was unable to tell if the repairs were done properly and actually even done on other items. We will send and email today to the Builder, with the updates on what has not been done.

Kind Regards

Hong Dinh
Missouri City Texas
Hi Don & Pam

I just wanted to say that I am extremely satisfied with the inspection that was recently done on my house and am grateful that you were able to do it on such a short notice. When the rep from the builder came out to go over the report he said:
"This guy doesn't know what he's talking about, there's a lot of questionable items on the report."
But as we started to actually look at the times noted all he could say was:
"Well, he's right on that one" or "Yeah, that is a problem"
One of the items in question was the ventilation of the attic.
He said "There's no way there can be something wrong with it. We make more than adequate ventilation on our homes."
But when he started looking at our roof he immediately said he could not believe the contractor could have messed something like that and pointed to all our neighbors' homes which had the appropriate ventilation. He even asked me how I found you guys!
I feel I made an excellent investment and the right choice by picking V.I.P. Home Inspections and will certainly recommend you to any one who needs a home inspection. Thank you once again.

Luisa H. Bowers
Katy Texas
Thank you so much! I will keep your contact info for future referral purposes! I am very pleased with all aspects of your service. It seems so rare these days for vendors to do things right the first time.

Karen Bryant
The Woodlands, Texas
Hello Pam

I have received the report and have read it throughly. I appreciate Marks thoroughness in his inspection. Have a great Memorial Day.

Best Regards
Nick Festino
Houston Texas

I received the report and it looks very good. I appreciate not only the thorough inspection and report but also the recommendations and contact information included!

Matt Hauser
Houston Texas
Got it! Mark was excellent. We've already started recommending him to friends!

Laura Tully
Richmond Texas
Thank you for the prompt service that you and your company have provided us. Thank you also for the detailed report and I shall pass it on to the real estate agent. I'll certainly refer anyone I know to your company in the future!

Paul Viduria
Sugar Land Texas
Hi Pam

We got the report. Thanks for another great inspection! It looks like we're actually going to buy this one!

Laura Tully
Richmond Texas
Thank you! This time it came through beautifully! We've already recommended you to our neighbors.

Thank you again,
Molly Pilgrim
Katy Texas
Mark is great. This inspection was very helpful. I will be checking with you for maintenance referalls in the future and will refer you to other people.

Paul Duffin
Huntsville Texas

Thank you for sending the report. We have been happy with your services and will continue to refer our friends to you.

Daniel Twiddy
Houston Texas
HI Pam,

Thank you for sending the inspection report. It looks great! I am sorry for this late response. I haven't got a chance to check my email until this morning.
I would like to thank you and Mark for making the inspection such a smooth and pleasant experience. I appreciate it very much. Defineitely I would recommend you to my friends.

Gang Gong
The Woodlands Texas
Thanks a lot. Mark showed me a bunch of stuff that needs to be done before I close on the home.

Thanks Again,

Rick Mussulman
Humble Texas
Yes, I received the report.

By the way, since yesterday I've handed out 3 of your business cards to neighbors who are also coming up on their 1 year mark. You guys sent out an excellent team to inspect our home. I couldn't be happier with the service I received from you.

Thanks Again,

Jeff Wheeler
League City Texas
Hi Pam

This is just a written confirmation to let you know I received the report. And I would like to thank Mark for coming out yesterday and performing such a thorough inspection and writing up the detailed report. He has been extremely helpful. We really appreciated his help. Please kindly pass along this message t ohime. Thank you all very much!

Christina Wong
Spring Texas
Hi Pam, thank you for this report. I can't even begin to tell you how impressed I was with Randall.

I've forwarded the report to my builder depending on how comfortable I am with their response I may want to have Randall come out as a follow-up, to ensure his instructions have been carried out properly. Also I will be using you for our final inspection and would like to request Randall.

Thank You

Phillip Blahunt
Katy Texas
Pam, thank you.

My wife indicated that Donald was very professional and from the sounds of things very good. I would like to hire Donald again to come back out when we get the work done to make sure it was completed properly.

Thanks Again,

Jim Street
The Woodlands Texas

Mark did a great job! I learned a lot about our townhome. I will soon send a copy of the report to Lxxxxx Homes and request that they make a number of repairs and adjustments per Marks instructions.

Thanks once again for the great job and the prompt service.

Mike Pepchinski
Houston Texas
Hi Pam: I received and printed all document. Randall did an outstanding job. I am impressed with your quick service and report back to me. I give excellent reference to whoever ask me about your service!

I will call you to set up the next inspection.

Raju Shah
Sugar Land Texas
Hi Pam,

I have received the inspection report you sent earlier this morning. I will forward it on to the builder. Thank you for all your asistance and please thank Mark for being so thorough in his inspection. Once again it ahs been a pleasure doing business with you.

Adrienne Hammit
Houston Texas
Hello Pam,

I am really happy with the inspection we received and the report was very detailed as I had hoped!


Joshua Martinez
Humble Texas
Thanks to all of you at V.I.P. Home Inspections for your fast and professional service!

Kristin Kassaw
Missouri City, Texas

Thank you very much for your detailed inspection report on my property.

I have read through it and I am satisfied it represents all that was covered by Donald Lawson and Aubrey during the inspection on Thursday. I will present a copy to the builder, by certified mail, ASAP.

I am very happy with the service from V.I.P. Home Inspections and I have recommended you to Tia. Tia and her husband are currently building a home in The Woodlands. You should be expecting a call from them soon.

It was a pleasure doing business with you, Donald & Aubrey. Thank you and I will be in touch.


Elizabeth Rogo
Cypress Texas
We received it!!! We appreciate how thorough your report is. We'll call if there are any questions.

Ellen and Dean Ford
The Woodlands Texas
We received the report, it's great!!

We will certainly go to your website and sign up for the newsletter. We were really pleased with the service from  your company. The inspectors took time to conduct a very detailed inspection and explain the findings in plain (non-technical) language afterwards.

We will most definately recommend your company to our friends and co-workers who are considering purchasing a home.

John and Lisa Murray
Spring Texas
Hi Pam,

I have received the report, and taking necessary actions.
Thanks for all your help. You all have been very patient with me and I appreciate that!!!

Shari Shields
Pearland Texas

The pictures are great, thanks go to you and Donald for including them in the report. The report is extremely thorough, and I will definetely be calling next Tuesday to discuss my options.

Thank you and have a nice weekend,

Erin Slezak
Houston Texas
Thank you. I have received the report. Your company does excellent work and I'll refer anyone who needs an inspection to call you guys.

Nick and Kim Correia
Houston Texas

Thank you for the assistance. I will be forwading a separate note to Donald expressing our satisfaction and appreciation of the work that was performed.

Don Glenn
Pearland Texas
Got it,

I just wanted to say thank you for all  your help, when I was choosing an inspector you guys were more expensive, but you were willing to look at the photo's for me and answer questions. All the other inspectors that I talked to just said to have them come out and they would not help me without payment first. Because of this I chose you guys for the job and I'm very happy with the results. I will definitely refer you to others in the future.

Thank You,

Louis Lester
Richmond Texas
Thank you so very much.

I sure appreciate it -- it makes my life much less stressful knowing someone has checked things out for me.

Merry Christmas

Autumn Cartier
Tomball Texas
Thank you again for your service. I have recommended you to several friends and relatives who are interested in buying homes.

Thank you again,

Angelica Luna
Spring Texas

I want to thank you for doing such a thorough job on our recent home inspection. You were a pleasure to work with and I appreciate all of the informative maintenance tips that you offered along with your detailed notes on repair items. You absolutely exceeded my expectations.

A few of our friends are also building new homes and I defineitely feel comfortable passing your name along knowing that you do such quality work.

As first-time homebuyers,  you helped provide considerable peace of mind and took a significant amount of stress out of the whole buying process. Thanks again for all of your hard work.

Mark and Nicole Watson
Tomball Texas
Hi Donald

Thanks so much for stopping by Tuesday and checking out al those issues that Vxxxxxx Builders did not remedy before we moved into the home. I appreciate you taking the time to inspect the house and answer my questions. It is very helpful to have someone with your expertise and great customer service skills on our side in the home buying experience.

Pam also does a wonderful job holding down the fort (office) and is always polite and friendly when I call. It has been a pleasure working with your team.

Elisabet Davis
Atascocita Texas

    The house was closed Friday after a long painful nail-fighting process. Lxxxxx replaced the roof but they totally forgot to cleanup thousands of nails from the grass! We were told the house is ready for four times and every time it was very easy to pick up nails.
    Our neighbors were very curious as to why we were getting a new roof. After I showed them your report, they were wondering if their shingles were installed properly. None of their inspectors even bothered to check the shingles!
    And it is interesting that Lxxxxx's new home consultant even offered us moving the fence forward at his cost ONLY IF we can give him all FIVE on the new home owner survey.
    Anyway, we got a very good inspector!!  I will not recommend my friends, co-workers to go for Lxxxxx's home, but it will be my pleasure to refer my inspector to them!!


Jane Chen
Fairfield Texas
Dear VIP Home Inspections

Our family is very pleased to have had your company inspect our new home. After a vigorous search for an ideal home inspector, it is obvious that we selected the right on and a Great one.

Because of Donald Lawson's proficiency and enthusiasm and VIP Home Inspections' dedication in ensuring a well timed, quality, and accurate report, our family was able to make an educated decision on whether the home was acceptable or needing repairs.

Because of VIP Home Inspections' professional feed back and advise even after the job was complete, my family was able to comfortably and confidently walk away from another home purchase that proved not to be in my families best interest. Though the builder claims that we were at default and kept our hard earned money summing up to around $3500.00, I have to thank VIP Home Inspections for aiding us in making an educated decision that prevented my family from purchasing a $161,000 mistake.

My family is currently enjoying our new home built by another builder that was also inspected by your company. With Donald and Pam Lawson's professional report, the builder had no qualms in fixing items found or any ground to stand on if there was a dispute since all items listed on the report was clearly and accurately discosed in correlation with the codes that the builder followed.

Victor Delgado & Family
Katy Texas